Racing For Fallen Heros

Racing For Fallen Heros


Join the MRA and High Plains Raceway on Saturday, September 22, 2018 for our Charity Motorcycle Track Day benefiting the Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation. This event is NOT limited to MRA Members so invite your fellow riders and friends for a day of fun riding for charity. Open to all street riders, track day riders and racers. Virtually any type of motorcycle is allowed and no previous race track experience is necessary. There are NO SPEED LIMITS and NO SPEEDING TICKETS! It’s a fun way to challenge yourself, improve your skills and have a great time in a controlled and safe environment!

The Racing For Fallen Heroes charity track day will include a full day of riding on HPR’s recently repaved 2.55 mile full course featuring 15 corners and 300 feet of cumulative elevation change per lap. Cost for the track day is $200, which includes on-track sessions every hour throughout the day. Track will be hot from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm, with a lunch break from 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm. Event registration is being handled on MotorsportReg at   

 Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) has joined as an event sponsor and will be providing 2-up rides throught the day plus conducting a clinic during the lunch break. They have also donated a certificate for one “Champ Day” program, a $500 value, to be included in the silent auction that will be held the day of the event.

Western Ambulance has joined as an event sponsor and will be providing ambulance service at the event. 

We are holding a silent auction the day of the event. Thank you to the following sponsors that have donated the following auction items:

  • Yamaha Champions Riding School –  Certificate for one “Champ Street” class. $500 value
  • Bell Helmets – Bell Star MIPS Helmet. $500 value
  • Pirelli Moto – Set of Diablo tires of the winner’s choosing $400 value
  • Dunlop Motorcycle Tires – Set of tires of the winner’s choosing $400 value
  • Jon Glaefke – Alpinestars GP Plus V2 Suit Size 46/56 & Dianese Laguna Seca Suit Size 46/56 – $1200 value each
  • Boulder Motor Sports – Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires mounted and balanced at their shop for any motorcycle $475 value
  • Brighton Radiator and Muffler/Dennie Burke – Custom motorcycle workstand valued at $350
  • Race Tech Suspension – Fork and Shock Rebuild Service $350 value
  • Spidi – Evorider Tex Jacket. $229 value
  • Boulder Motor Sports – Motul 300V oil change for any make / model $200 value 
  • Performance Cycle of Colorado – Two $100 gift cards
  • Junkyard Ink/Chris Nami – Three $150 gift cards
  • Boulder Motor Sports – Performance dyno run on their dyno in Boulder $100 value
  • Quikcycles/Lukachy Family – AFTER race season care package. Including red, white and blue wine, a spa gift card a few other treats.
  • Woodcraft Technologies – 2 sets of Klucky Puck Knee Sliders – $48 value each 
  • Zero Gravity Racing – Windscreen $80 value
  • Boulder Motor Sports – Battery Tender Plus $75 value
  • CarbonSmith – CarbonGuard brake lever guard. $70 value
  • DrippinWet – $65 gift certificate
  • 64 Degrees Racing – Hoodie, Tshirt and Hat $100 value
  • Motion Pro – Care Package
  • Third Bridge Wines – Wine

The Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization made up of Colorado law enforcement officers and civilian personnel who serve in a voluntary capacity. When a line of duty death occurs, the Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation can assist, support, and provide resources for a host agency in their effort to serve the deceased officer’s family based on their needs and wishes. Their presence allows agency members to participate in honoring their colleague without the pressure of funeral planning, allowing them an appropriate time to grieve. Planning a line of duty death funeral while handling the associated investigation and the routine of the everyday call load can overwhelm any agency. Their team of professionals integrates with agency personnel to assist with funeral planning to whatever extent the family and the agency desire. Their services are provided at no cost to the agency or the family. For more information about the Colorado Fallen Hero Foundation, go to All proceeds from this event will be donated to this very worthy cause.

All participants are REQUIRED to attend the Riders Meeting before they will be allowed on the track.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS.  

  • Riders must be 18 years of age or older.  Exceptions MAY be made if a rider has a valid competition license with the MRA, or other recognized organization, for which the minor holds a competition license.  Please contact the MRA directly to discuss such exceptions. 
  • Anyone who enters the racing surface as a rider must wear a helmet.  Helmets must be designed for motorcycle use, no other standards are required to be met – it’s your head, it’s up to you to decide which helmet is best to protect it. 
  • While there will be no formal tech inspection required, the MRA reserves the right to inspect any motorcycle and require correction of issues of concern.
  • All motorcycles must be in good general operating condition with acceptable tire tread depth and brake lining thickness.
  • Motorcycles must be free of fluid leaks and all body work and other accessories must be securely attached. 
  • Please insure that your motorcycle is prepared for the additional stresses of track duty.  Motorcycles that have to be towed from the racing surface due to mechanical issues more than once on the same day may not be allowed back out on to the track.
  • Water cooled motorcycles  may use only the following coolants:
    • Water
    • Water and Redline Water Wetter
    • Water and Royal Purple Ice
    • Water and Motul Mo Cool
    • Water and ethyl alcohol
  • Motorcycles must have rear view mirrors either removed or covered with tape.  MRA recognized instructors are exempted from this requirement.
  • Full face helmets are required.  Hinged full face helmets are not allowed.
  • Motorcycle riders must wear full leathers.
    • 1 piece suits are strongly recommended.
    • 2 piece suits must zip all the way around (360 degrees) at the waist.
    • Textile suits or suits with anything other than leather in all impact areas are not allowed.
  • Leather boots that cover the ankle and leather gloves that cover the wrist are required.
  • Passengers are NOT allowed on ANY motorcycle.
  • Back protectors are required.

Event Schedule:

  • 7:00am – Registration opens
    7:30am – Riders meeting at Pavilion
    8:00am – Silent Auction Opens
    8:00am – Track Hot – Slow Group
    8:30am – Fast Group
    9:00am – Slow Group
    9:30am – Fast Group
    10:00am – Slow Group
    10:30am – Fast Group
    11:00am – Slow Group
    11:30am – Fast Group
    12:00pm – Track Cold – Lunch Break – 1 hour
    12:00pm – Free Riding Skills Clinic by Yamaha Champions Riding School
    12:15pm – Parade Lap
    12:40pm – Riders meeting
    1:00pm – Track Hot – Slow Group
    1:30pm – Fast Group
    2:00pm – Slow Group
    2:30pm – Fast Group
    3:00pm – Slow Group
    3:30pm – Fast Group
    4:00pm – Slow Group
    4:00pm – Silent Auction Ends
    4:30pm – Fast Group
    5:00pm – Track Cold

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