The MRA uses MotorsportReg to handle all race, race school, and SuperStreet entry processes.  Each event will have a pre-registration open & cutoff time, which is posted in the individual event on MotorsportReg.  Typically race pre-registration opens around 2 weeks before the event and closes the Monday beforehand.  Late entries (after the Monday cutoff) will be accepted starting at 6:30am on the day of the event for an additional $20.  

The checklist below will help ensure that you are pre-registered for your races properly.  If you have any issues or questions about pre-registering, you can find answers and/or post questions in the MRA Entry discussion forum or contact the MRA Secretary

Registration Checklist

  1. As an AMA sanctioned club, all MRA racers are required to have a valid AMA membership. Click button below to renew or join.
  2. Login to .. 
  3. If you have an account there, log into it, otherwise select “Create Free Account
  4. On desktop browsers, click on    in the header of the page. 
  5. On mobile devices, click on the three bars     in the upper left corner and pick “Find Events” from the popup menu.
  6. Go to the search bar and enter “MRA” to search for MRA events.  Look for the event in which you’re interested – click on it.
  7. Follow the instructions documented there and finally … 
  8. Follow the instructions documented there including paying up!
  9. If you haven’t yet, go to My Account and
    1. Add a profile photo (we want to see you!)
    2. Enter your transponder number by putting your bike in the garage and adding your transponder number
    3. Enter or update your medical information including your health insurance contact info.

Race Fees

Endurance Prices are stand alone fees if Sprint Races are not entered, otherwise they are included in the Sprint Prices.   After the 4th race entered, the fees cap at $295.

  Race 1  · Race 2  · Race 3  · Race 4  · Race 5+
· SPRINT RACES $150 $90 $35 $20 $0
· ENDURANCE RACES $110 $40 $0 $0 $0