Become a Motorcycle Racer

If you’re new to the sport of motorcycle roadracing, the MRA has two different methods by which you can get into the action:

  1. The SuperStreet program is the least expensive and fastest way to get an idea of what racing with the MRA is all about. Click here to see how to get onto the track with the SuperStreet class.
  2. If you’re already committed to becoming a new club racer, the MRA New Racers’ School is the fastest way to getting your race license. Click here to get information on the New Racers’ School.

Licensed Racers wanting to join the MRA

The MRA welcomes racers from other clubs across the nation. If you’re a currently licensed racer, we have several reciprocity agreements in place along with very competitive pricing on license & entries. Click here for MRA membership & entry information.