MRA 10th Annual 4-hour Endurance – Saturday, July 18, 2020 at High Plains Raceway


The 4 Hour Endurance Race will consist of three classes: True Endurance, Pony Express, and Titanium Butt.

  • True Endurance allows for up to four riders but they must use only one motorcycle.
  • Pony Express teams can consist of up to 4 members and each member can ride their own motorcycle.  One transponder will be used as a baton between up to (4) racers.
  • Titanium Butt is for solo riders to compete alone in the event and must use only one motorcycle.

Entry & Registration

  • All 4 Hour Endurance competitors will be required to enter online as is normally done for any other race weekend. Competitors that normally run any of the 5 endurance classes will need to still register for those classes AND the 4-hour Classes in order to receive points. 
  • You cannot ride in 2 4-hour endurance classes. 
  • Endurance teams are also required to complete a team registration form and submit it to the MRA Secretary, Jen Grosse, prior to competition at
  • Team Captains for True Endurance and Pony Express Teams
    • You must be racing in this event to be a Team Captain.
    • Team Captains need to email MRA Secretary, Jen Grosse to get your team profile set up at and receive required entry forms that need to be completed
    • Please note we have functionality in RaceWurx to build up your team.
    • Once we activate your Team-Profile then the Team Captain can go into RaceWurx and add in team members, sponsors, etc. to that profile.
    • Team Profiles are controlled by the Team Captains.
  • All Titanium Butt competitors must contact MRA Secretary, Jen Grosse, at to set your profile up.  

The MRA reserves the right to allow or disallow any team to compete in the endurance.

Cost & licensing

  • Cost per rider for the event is $140 if you are only entering the 4 hour endurance.
  • If you are racing in the 4 hour, in addition to sprint races, there will be additional $40 dollar surcharge.
  • Riders having a license from another recognized racing organization are welcome to race with us under full license reciprocity.
  • We will require you fill out our membership application and provide a copy of your race license.


  • All motorcycles must pass MRA technical inspection.
  • Engine and frame configuration is unlimited and there are no displacement classes.
  • All rules in the 2020 MRA Rulebook apply and 4-Hour Endurance specific rules are covered in the 2020 4-hour Endurance Rule Supplement.
  • Please take some time to read them paying particular attention to pit operation rules.


  • There will be a cash purse and trophies. Cash awards are being finalized so check back here later.

Saturday Schedule

  • 7:30AM Mandatory Riders Meeting
  • 7:45AM Practice
    • Group D & C/ 350/500 Production Cup
    • Group B
    • Group A
    • Group D / 350/500 Production Cup Qualifying
    • Group C
    • Group B
    • Group A
  • 10:00AM Opening Ceremonies
    • Novice GTU (6 laps)
    • Production 250/400/500 (5 laps)
    • Formula 40GTU/GTO (6 laps)
    • 4 Hour Endurance Qualifying (20 minutes)
  • Lunch/ 4 Hour Endurance Riders Meeting (45 minutes)
    • Middleweight Supersport (6 laps)
    • Lightweight Grand Prix (6 laps)
    • Heavyweight Supersport (6 laps)
    • Novice GTO (6 laps)
    • Open Supersport (6 laps)
  • Break/4 Hour Endurance Set Up
    • 4 Hour Endurance Race