MRA Wants Your Videos and Pics from this Past Season 

MRA Wants Your Videos and Pics from this Past Season 

The 2017 MRA Season Awards Banquet is just around the corner and its time again to submit your video’s and photos you would like to see used in the MRA’s 2017 short film describing what we do here in the MRA.

What we are looking for: 
•Track photos: The more riders in it with more action, the better! Pictures of the on track people (Corner workers, ambulance staff, crash cart, other photographers, start/finish, pregrid, etc.) in action are also great.
•Pit photos: You and your bike (Before and/or after), your pit, your family, your trophies, your bike in various stages of maintenance, spectators, tire vendors, etc..
•Racing environment photos: Any really cool sunset, sunrise, hot pit wall, and general race weekend neighborhood shots.
•PR event pictures: Those showing the MRA to the public deserve some exposure as well!
•Action camera footage: The more action involving you and/or others, the better.
•Video camera footage: All the above.

•20 second maximum per video clip. MP4 clips work best. 
•NO unusual post/processed colors or B&W. NONE. What may look great in your online portfolio, YouTube collection, Instagram, or Facebook, but looks awful in a clip compilation video.
•Nothing from outside an MRA event or activity. NONE.

Use the link to the Google Drive folder below to submit. It is best if you create a new folder within the 2017 MRA Video/Photo folder and name it [your last name] #[your race number], and upload your files to your folder.

Contact Jeremy Alexander with any questions at

Have fun. Ready….GO!

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