MRA Round 3 at HPR This Weekend; What You Need To Know 

MRA Round 3 at HPR This Weekend; What You Need To Know 

Round 3 is only a couple days away and here are some things you need to know about this upcoming weekend at High Plains Raceway:

Gates open Thursday evening after 7:00 pm.

On Friday, HPR will be hosting a Motorcycle Open Lapping Day on the Full Course. Open Lapping Day registration can be found at

The MRA will open Friday evening Tech after the track goes cold and it will close at approximately 7:00pm. This is only available for racers that have preregistered and paid. Tech will be located in RV spot #27 which is the eastern most spot along hot pit next to the track exit.  2017 MRA Rulebooks and stickers will be available at Tech. Saturday morning Tech opens at 6:30am.

The race day office will open on Friday evening at some point after the track goes cold. An announcement will be made over the PA system. The office will open again at 6:30 am on Saturday and Sunday. If you did not preregister and pay for your races by Monday, June 5th, or would like to drop or add classes, you will need to see the MRA Office Staff.

The race day office will close at 10:00am Saturday morning so that grids for sprint races can be completed. We ask that if you need assistance after this time, please contact an MRA Board member in the paddock.

Race Day Schedules and Contingency forms will be available in the classroom adjacent to the race day office.

The rider meetings will start at 7:30 am. Attendance is mandatory for all competitors.

If you are running two motorcycles in different classes, you can now pay $35 to run additional practice sessions with the 2nd bike. See the MRA Office Staff for more info.

MRA T-shirts are available this weekend and can be purchased or picked up from Tony Baker directly across from the pavilion.

We will be using Race Monitor for live timing this weekend. To access it, you will need to purchase and download the app on your phone. For more information, please visit their website:

There are still power spots available for the weekend. Go here to reserve your spot:

The Corner Marshals will be working hard for you this weekend and the donation of bottled water and sport drinks is always appreciated. They can be dropped off at the classroom.

Don’t forget to charge your transponders!

High Plains Raceway Location and Information can be found here:

We look forward seeing you Round 3!

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