MRA Profit from Cancelled Round 1 to Benefit Racers at Round 2 with Free Friday Practice

MRA Profit from Cancelled Round 1 to Benefit Racers at Round 2 with Free Friday Practice

On May 9-10th the MRA cancelled the first round at High Plains Raceway due to severe weather conditions including heavy rain and lightning. Maintaining the safety of our competitors, staff and spectators is the primary objective of the MRA.

The unfortunate side of this, besides not racing, is that the MRA was unable to offer refunds. Contractual arrangements obligate us to pay track rental, insurance, ambulance service, staffing and a number of other expenses regardless of inclement weather conditions. Refunding the entry fees for 150 riders would have resulted in a considerable loss for Round 1 and creating a substantial shortfall for this year, compromising the viability of our club.

Despite the cancellation, the MRA experienced a surplus of income from Round 1. While the amount of the surplus was not sufficient to provide refunds for all fees paid by competitors for the round, the event was profitable. The MRA Board of Directors recognizes your commitment to racing the first round and the expenses associated with equipment, and transportation, not to mention the time and exposure to harsh environmental conditions. With that in mind, we have decided to use the profit associated with the first round to offset future costs for our riders.

The MRA will pay for Friday, May 29th practice, at Round 2 for all members that registered and paid for Round 1 and did not cancel their entry prior to the event being canceled, and have pre-entered for Round 2. If you canceled prior to the weekend and received a refund or credit, you are not eligible to take advantage of this offer
Those who plan to participate in this will sign up through HPR’s website as is normally done: High Plains Raceway. There is an additional option at the bottom of the registration page called “MRA Round #1 Rainout Special!”. Please note the criteria listed on that page. HPR will verifying eligible
participants with the MRA.
• You are a licensed MRA Racer
• You registered and paid for MRA Round #1
• You did not cancel your entry prior to the event being canceled (i.e., you did not get a refund)
• You have registered and paid for MRA Round #2
We look forward seeing you Round 2!


Jim Wilson

MRA President

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