The MRA Board of Directors is pleased to announce that in accordance with Section 5.4 of MRA By-Laws (Article V. Officers, sec. 5.4 Vacancies), we have collectively chosen to appoint Phil Pleiss to the recently vacated position of Vice President of the Motorcycle Roadracing Association. Phil has excelled as the Rider Rep – Trophies and Class Sponsorship since 2018 and has the support and confidence of the entire Board of Directors in assuming the duties of the Vice President.

This appointment leaves a vacancy in the Board position previously held by Phil Pleiss. At this time, the Board of Directors intends to appoint a new Rider Rep – Trophies and Class Sponsorship, again in accordance with MRA By-Laws Article V. Officers, sec. 5.4 “Vacancies”.

Trophy and Class Sponsorship is a Rider Rep position on the Board of Directors responsible for contacting existing and prospective trophy sponsors to ensure classes are sponsored for race season. Must negotiate sponsorship agreements, giving first right of refusal to returning class sponsors. Prepares and delivers invoices to trophy sponsors, and provides ongoing contact with trophy sponsors as necessary. Also responsible for contracting, ordering, and delivering trophies to MRA events and Award Ceremony. The workload for this position is fairly evenly spread throughout the calendar year.This is a great opportunity to serve the MRA and learn more about how a race promoter/non-profit operates.

Candidates must be active racers and will be expected to instruct Superstreet and the New Racer School. This Rider Rep term will last through November 2020.

The MRA Board of Directors will accept resumes from interested candidates through Monday, Dec. 16. Please email resumes to MRA President, Jeremy Alexander at: